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This monstera leaf ring dish is the perfect thing to hold your rings and earrings. This ring dish was made by the method of pinching a piece of clay into shape, so it is not perfectly round. It is made with creamy white porcelain clay, decorated with non-toxic lead-free underglazes, coated with a clear glaze (except for the underside, which is sanded smooth), and I've painted the rim with REAL GOLD. The monstera leaf design was carved by hand and filled with underglaze fading from light green in the middle to dark teal at the outline of the leaf. Dimensions: roughly 4 1/2" in diameter (it's not perfectly round), 1/2" deep. This ring dish is: *Handmade *Hand painted *Hand carved *READY TO SHIP *Not microwave or dishwasher safe

Monstera Leaf Ring Dish with Gold Lining AM-6MMA7284

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